Trusted Knower is a media project produced by Kevin Rollins and Bernard Carman.

Trusted Knower Explained

What is a Trusted Knower?

A trusted knower is someone you rely on for reliable information about a particular problem you are solving, whether it be a personal, business, community, or national policy problem.

Determining or failing to determine who you should ask for advice can determine the success or failure of your personal goals, your family’s financial security, and your business success.

Our project is centered around a series of dialogues that promote and practice friendly rational conversation to explore personal experience, obtainable facts, and testable models of reality. The goal is to create a happier world for all.

Will such efforts save the world?

No, but it will help individuals navigate through the confusion, deception, contradiction, and hypocrisy ubiquitous in the world.

Individual Thoughts by Trusted Knower Show

“Individual Thoughts” references the concept that rather than embracing the societal norm of jumping on board one of the collectivist mob’s extreme sides of an issue, the individual is able to consider alternative resolutions to the mainstream narrative.

About the Producers

Just a couple of fine libertarian chaps.

Kevin D. Rollins is an economist, editor, and software developer.

Bernard B. Carman is audio engineer and musician by trade, and a volunteer natural rights activist.

Kevin and Bernard met in the year 2000, through their activism in the Libertarian Party of Buncombe County, NC.