Individual Thoughts by Trusted Knower

Between the Darkness and the Light: Interview with Paul Jacob

Episode 003 of Individual Thoughts by Trusted Knower, “Between the Darkness and the Light” is about the problems of democracy in the United States and the tensions between government authority and the representation of the public. We interview Paul Jacob, president of the Liberty Initiative Fund.

Paul Jacob is a longtime libertarian activist. He went to federal prison for resisting the coercive military draft and he was an early leader of the term limits movement. Liberty Initiative Fund helps citizens create local and state initiatives and referenda. More on Paul Jacob’s background can be read in this article at Free Liberal.

We highlight Paul’s suggestion to increase the number of the House of Representatives to 1 congressperson per 50,000 seats, which would greatly reduce the distance between the Congress and the public, while increasing the current 435-person chamber by at least 14 times, making the body over 6,000 strong.

We also talk about the disturbing parallels between China (run by the totalitarian Chinese Communist Party) and the control of the US by governmental and tech-industry elites.